Arbitrator Job Description

Arbitrator Interview Questions

September 16th, 2019

Arbitrators assist in resolving conflicts outside of the court system by aiding the relevant parties in settling disputes.

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Arbitrator Job Description Template

We are looking for an Arbitrator to mediate disputes between parties such as labor and management to find mutual resolution. The responsibilities of an Arbitrator include settling disputes, analyzing information using knowledge of facts and industry practice, and creating reports on outcomes of the arbitration process.

To be successful as an Arbitrator, you should have sound interpersonal skills, tactful negotiation skills and solid knowledge of industry practices. Ultimately, a top-notch Arbitrator should have the ability to remain neutral, possess strong conflict resolution skills, and analytical skills.

Arbitrator Responsibilities:

  • Facilitating communication in disputes to establish a mutual agreement.
  • Clarifying the arguments of opposing parties.
  • Conducting initial meetings for both parties to describe the arbitration process.
  • Setting up appointments with both parties.
  • Applying laws, procedures and industry knowledge to settle disputes.
  • Analyzing documentation and records.
  • Interviewing key stakeholders in each case.

Arbitrator Requirements:

  • Law or Business degree.
  • Extensive experience working in the industry.
  • Solid knowledge of procedures, policies, and law.
  • Demonstrate a neutral disposition.
  • Strong communication skills.

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