Relationship Executive Interview Questions

Relationship Executive Interview Questions

September 2nd, 2019

Relationship Executives forge and maintain meaningful connections with clients, which they use as opportunities to provide support and encourage sales.

When interviewing Relationship Executives, preferred candidates should be able to negate clients' pain points by encouraging them to purchase appropriate products and services. Avoid candidates who lack decorum and effective communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Relationship Executives:

1. Which features of working relationships are predictive of future sales?

Demonstrates industry knowledge.

2. How would you mend a relationship that had been damaged by a former employee?

Examines diagnostic and interpersonal skills, plus the ability to be accountable for others' mistakes.

3. How would you locate prospective clients?

Highlights prior experience plus research techniques.

4. How would you leverage internal relationships to promote sales?

Reveals the ability to collaborate with internal stakeholders and to use such ties to drive revenue.

5. How should you present yourself when interacting with clients?

Tests professionalism, plus the ability to conduct oneself in accordance with social cues.

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