Clinical Supervisor Interview Questions

Clinical Supervisor

May 16th, 2019

A Clinical Supervisor ensures optimal treatments for clients by overseeing practitioners such as psychologists and counselors. Ideal candidates are strong leaders with excellent organizational and communication skills. Avoid negative candidates with poor people skills.

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Clinical Supervisor Interview Questions

1. Have you taken disciplinary action against a staff member in past experience, and how did you go about it?

Listen carefully. The potential hire's answer will demonstrate their understanding of disciplinary procedures and their leadership style.

2. How did you ensure your company’s compliance with applicable laws and regulations in past experience?

The candidate's answer will demonstrate their knowledge of laws and regulations, and their ability to comply with these.

3. How did you oversee practitioners with complex cases in past experience?

The potential hire’s answer will demonstrate their ability to assist practitioners with complex cases and their leadership style.

4. Which criteria do you use when hiring practitioners?

The candidate needs to display the ability to hire suitable candidates to accomplish optimal client treatments.

5. How would you motivate our staff?

Listen carefully. The potential hire needs to demonstrate the ability to adequately motivate staff.

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