Child Psychiatrist Job Description

Child Psychiatrist Job Description

February 25th, 2020

A Child Psychiatrist assists patients, from toddlers to adolescents, with behavioral or emotional disorders by conducting group or individual therapy sessions. Unlike Psychologists, a Child Psychiatrist can prescribe medications to treat emotional problems caused by chemical imbalances in the brain.

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Child Psychiatrist Job Description Template

We are looking for a compassionate, dedicated Child Psychiatrist to be responsible for conducting counseling sessions with children and adolescents and their family members. The Child Psychiatrist addresses issues such as ADHD, anxiety, Tourette's Syndrome, and eating disorders, and counsels patients and family members to determine long-term and short-term treatment goals.

To be a successful Child Psychiatrist, you should provide attentive, professional support and care to your patients. You should be empathetic, understanding, and knowledgeable.

Child Psychiatrist Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with patients and evaluating their conditions, disorders, or disabilities.
  • Diagnosing mental and affective conditions.
  • Developing treatment plans, using therapies and counseling, and determining when psychiatric medication is necessary and appropriate.
  • Assisting patients as they cope with difficult situations.
  • Educating family members or guardians on supporting patients.
  • Consulting for social services and court systems.
  • Continuing education activities.

Child Psychiatrist Requirements:

  • A Medical degree in Child Psychiatry and successful completion of residency and fellowship.
  • A certification in general psychiatry and licensure in child psychiatry.
  • Knowledge of and experience in clinical skills.
  • An understanding and empathetic nature.
  • Excellent listening and communication skills.
  • Ability to work under intense pressure and respond to difficult questions.
  • Good note taking and record keeping skills.

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