Child Psychiatrist Interview Questions

Child Psychiatrist Interview Questions

February 25th, 2020

Child Psychiatrists diagnose, treat, monitor, and counsel children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral disorders and conditioners. Child Psychiatrists differ from Child Psychologists in that they can prescribe medications to treat chemical imbalances that cause emotional problems.

When interviewing Child Psychiatrists look for candidates who demonstrate current knowledge of clinical practices and child behavioral therapies and methodologies. Take note of candidates who demonstrate poor listening and communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Child Psychiatrists:

1. What medication would you prescribe for an adolescent who suffers from severe anxiety?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of pharmaceuticals and treatment plans.

2. If consulting for social services, what kind of treatment plan would you devise for a child with a difficult home life?

Demonstrates psychological knowledge as well as knowledge of child development needs.

3. Have you ever had to be creative and develop an unorthodox treatment plan? How successful was your plan and how was it received by your peers?

Demonstrates candidates' creativity and willingness to treat their patients as individuals.

4. How do you keep abreast of changes in the field?

Demonstrates candidates' willingness to continue their education.

5. How would you resolve conflict with parents or guardians over their child's treatment?

Demonstrates candidates' problem solving and communication skills.

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