Child Care Specialist Interview Questions

Child Care Specialist Interview Questions

July 9th, 2020

Child Care Specialists take care of children and provide safe, nurturing environments for them when their primary caregivers are unavailable. Their duties include preparing meals, supervising playtime and homework, and offering support wherever possible.

When interviewing Child Care Specialists, look for candidates who are passionate about child care. Avoid candidates to whom children respond poorly, or those lacking in empathy and compassion.

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Interview Questions for Child Care Specialists:

1. Can you describe your experience caring for young children?

Demonstrates skills and level of expertise.

2. What do you think makes a good Child Care Specialist?

Reveals child care knowledge and overall preparedness for the role.

3. Describe a time when a child refused to cooperate with you. What happened?

Provides insight into negotiation methods and tests communication and interpersonal skills.

4. What recent skills have you acquired that benefit you as a Child Care Specialist?

Tests willingness to learn and dedication to excellence.

5. A parent is running late and forgets to notify you. What do you do?

Assesses the ability to respond appropriately in stressful situations.

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