Bricklayer Interview Questions

Bakery Assistant Interview Questions

August 7th, 2019

Bricklayers are skilled craftsmen, responsible for the construction of brickwork for buildings. They must be able to interpret building plans to determine the layout and mark guidelines in preparation for the bricklaying process.

When interviewing Bricklayers, the most suitable candidate must possess the knowledge and skill of bricklaying, working safely on scaffolds and the stamina to endure a physically demanding job. Be wary of candidates who possess low energy and lack the knowledge and skill to perform this job.

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Interview Questions for Bricklayers:

1. Why would you consider yourself as most suitable for the job?

Demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge and skill.

2. Can you explain why the interpretation of a building plan is important to a bricklayer?

Highlights the candidate’s ability to analyze and interpret a building plan.

3. Bricklaying is a physically demanding job. How do you cope with this job daily?

Demonstrates the candidate’s suitability for the role, as well as fitness levels.

4. How would you make the correct consistency of a mortar mixture?

Tests industry knowledge and experience.

5. How do you overcome the danger you sometimes endure in this job?

Demonstrates the candidate’s skill and knowledge of safety regulations.

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