Breakfast Attendant Interview Questions

Breakfast Attendant Interview Questions

July 22nd, 2019

Breakfast Attendants assemble and dismantle breakfast spreads for the establishments at which they work. In the case of full-service restaurants, Breakfast Attendants receive and communicate customers' orders.

When interviewing Breakfast Attendants, the ideal candidate will demonstrate excellent interpersonal and multitasking skills. Be wary of candidates who are forgetful and impatient.

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Breakfast Attendant Interview Questions:

1. What food safety regulations should you adhere to as a Breakfast Attendant?

Reveals technical skills.

2. How would you serve multiple tables within a short time frame?

Demonstrates organizational, time management, and communication skills.

3. What would you do if a customer refused to honor mealtimes?

Assesses communication skills.

4. What would you do if a customer refused to pay for their meal?

Tests interpersonal and technical skills.

5. How would you maintain high energy levels during long shifts?

Highlights physical fitness.

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