Better Charleston Jobs


From $99.00 /post.

Free offer


Post duration

45 days.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)


Resume database access

Social media sharing


Customer support

Phone, email, and live chat.


Better Charleston Jobs helps local employers find the ideal candidates through citywide advertising both online and on television, providing instant exposure that promotes brand awareness and streamlines recruitment. Employers can also access an extensive resume database to help identify top candidates faster.

Additionally, Better Charleston Jobs commits to publishing job ads for an extra 45 days at no added cost if a position remains unfilled after the initial 45 days.


  • Better Charleston Jobs is equipped with an extensive resume database.
  • If employers do not fill a position in the first 45 days, Better Charleston Jobs will repost it for another 45 days for free.
  • The platform places employers in direct contact with a targeted audience.
  • Employers can have applications sent to the dashboard or to personal links or emails.
  • Better Charleston Jobs offers both television and online job advertising.
  • There are multiple bulk job posting packages to suit businesses with diverse hiring requirements.
  • Employers can add screening questions to the job ad to help filter applications.
  • Better Charleston Jobs matches candidates' resumes with employers' chosen keywords.


  • The platform is missing an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • Resume database searches are not included in the job posting plan.
  • There is no free job posting plan available.
  • There is a $20.00 invoice processing fee added to the posting costs.
  • Better Charleston Jobs does not offer social media sharing or job ad distribution.
  • Job ads are not immediately published on the site on weekends and after hours.


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Single Job Post


Three Job Pack


Five Job Pack


Ten Job Pack


Twenty Job Pack


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Resume Database Access


How to Post a Job on Better Charleston Jobs:

$99.00 USD
15 Minutes
How to Post a Job on Better Charleston Jobs:

Seven easy steps for posting a job on Better Charleston Jobs.


Posting a job on Better Charleston Jobs.


Go to Better Charleston Jobs's home page.

Go to Better Charleston Jobs's home page.

Navigate to Better Charleston Job's home page and click on "EMPLOYERS" in the top-right corner until a drop-down menu appears. Here, click on "REGISTER."


Create an account.

Create an account.

Enter your email address and desired password, and then click on "REGISTER."

You will receive an email confirming your account registration.


Create the job posting.

Create the job posting.

On the following page, click on "Post a Job" then enter the required job details, including your company information and your designated email for applications. Then, click on "CONTINUE."

Next, add in more details about the job, including its title, type, and categories. Then, click on "CONTINUE."

Finally, enter the job description and screening questions. Then, click on "CONTINUE."


Preview your job ad.

Preview your job ad.

Browse through the selection of additional job ad features. You can either select your preferred featured package or scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "ADD A LOGO" or "PREVIEW YOUR JOB."

For this demonstration, we chose "PREVIEW YOUR JOB."

Read through the job description and when you're ready to proceed, click on "CHECKOUT."


Provide your employer information.

Provide your employer information.

Enter your details, including your full name and company address. Then, click on "CONTINUE."


Review your job posting order.

Review your job posting order.

Read through your job cart and additional payment requirements. Confirm that your details are correct by clicking on "CHARGE" beneath the "PAY WITH CREDIT CARD" heading.


Process the payment.

Process the payment.

Complete the credit card information form with the required details and click on "CHARGE."

If jobs are submitted during working hours, your job ad will appear on the site the same day.

Better Charleston Jobs vs.

While both Better Charleston Jobs and cater to employers in the Charleston region, the two competitors are priced very differently. With Better Charleston Jobs, a single job posting plan costs $99.00, in contrast to, which charges its employers $275.00 per post, making it the costlier option.

Better Charleston Jobs vs. WorkForce West Virginia:

The noticeable difference between Better Charleston Jobs and WorkForce West Virginia comes down to their reach, with the latter offering statewide exposure. Furthermore, while WorkForce West Virginia operates as a free posting service, Better Charleston Jobs' pricing starts at $99.00 per post.

Better Charleston Jobs vs. WVNPA Job Board:

The WVNPA job board and Better Charleston Jobs differ in function and reach, with the former catering to the nonprofit sector and offering membership plans. To post a job on the WVNPA job board as a nonmember, pricing starts at $25.00 for a week-long post. In contrast, Better Charleston Jobs costs $99.00 for a 30-day post.

Key Information

Legal Name


Eric Swanson

Founding Date

Jan 01, 2001


2255 Green Vista Dr., Ste. #402, Sparks, NV 89431



1 (800) 225-1372



What is Better Charleston Jobs?

Better Charleston Jobs is a local job posting service based in Charleston, West Virginia. The platform is packed with standard features that help automate the recruitment process.

How much does it cost to post a job on Better Charleston Jobs?

Better Charleston Jobs' pricing ranges between $99.00 and $1,299.00, depending on the plan you choose.

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