Bereavement Counselor Interview Questions

Bereavement Counselor Interview Questions

April 24th, 2020

Also known as Grief Counselors, Bereavement Counselors are mental healthcare specialists who support clients through bereavement and enable them to resume their lives and responsibilities following the loss of loved ones. They evaluate clients, prepare treatment plans, and facilitate interventions.

When interviewing Bereavement Counselors, look for suitably qualified candidates with extensive bereavement counseling experience. Avoid candidates who fail to demonstrate rigorous recordkeeping practices and those who lack dedication in supporting clients through the stages of grief.

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Interview Questions for Bereavement Counselors:

1. In your experience, which stage of grief do clients find difficult to overcome?

Demonstrates the candidate's experience and knowledge.

2. Can you explain your approach to file management and recordkeeping?

Reveals the candidate's experience and awareness of best practices, and knowledge of electronic health record management software.

3. Tell me about a challenging case in which you facilitated a positive outcome?

Evaluates the candidate's expertise and whether the scenario described aligns with job expectations.

4. How would you assist a man whose wife is struggling with the loss of a baby?

Assesses the candidate's knowledge and experience in counseling spouses who grieve in different ways.

5. Can you describe community resources you found helpful to clients?

Highlights the candidate's experience and knowledge of community-based resources that could support formal intervention in the treatment of bereavement.

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