Ayurvedic Practitioner Interview Questions

Ayurvedic Practitioner Interview Questions

August 23rd, 2019

Ayurvedic Practitioners account for the role of the mind, body, and spirit when administering and prescribing treatment for maladies. Those who have received formal training in western medicine are referred to as Ayurvedic Doctors.

When interviewing Ayurvedic Practitioners, preferred candidates should be open-minded, compassionate, and familiar will supplementary western techniques. Be wary of candidates who are groggy, and those who exhibit complete resistance to western interventions.

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Interview Questions for Ayurvedic Practitioners:

1. Can you outline your treatment approach?

Highlights congruence with Ayurvedic principles and methods.

2. What would you tell a client who was dubious about the evidence base for Ayurvedic treatment?

Tests perceptions about what constitutes evidence, plus knowledge of support for existing practices.

3. At what point would you insist that a patient seeks western intervention?

Examines awareness of appropriate referral options.

4. How would you diagnose and treat a gastrointestinal issue that seemed resistant to pharmacological drugs?

Assesses expertise and clinical judgment.

5. What is your greatest success story?

Reveals work experience.

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