Doctor Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Doctors are licensed health professionals who practice medicine in order to restore a patient’s health. They examine, diagnose, treat and counsel patients who have medical problems, and refer them to specialist doctors, if required.

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Interview Questions for Doctor

1. What process do you follow when counseling a terminally ill patient?

This question indicates the candidate’s compassion and ability to effectively counsel patients.

2. How have your listening skills helped you to diagnose and treat patients?

This question illustrates the candidate’s ability to effectively listen.

3. What procedure did you follow in finding a solution to a patient’s complex medical condition?

This question will indicate the candidate's problem-solving skills.

4. What methods do you follow to ensure communication channels convey accurate information in a multidisciplinary team?

This question indicates the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively.

5. How do you deal with an emergency medical situation when you are in the middle of another consultation?

This indicates the candidate’s ability to manage change and work under pressure.

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