Assessor Job Description

Assessor Job Description

September 26th, 2019

Assessors evaluate students' submissions according to predetermined learning outcomes. Assessors may either calculate and award a final grade, or decide on students' overall competence by indicating whether they have met the stipulated course requirements.

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Assessor Job Description Template

We are searching for a rigorous Assessor to measure our students' performance in various courses. The Assessor will collect all scripts, check students' responses against model answers, and then decide whether students have met each key learning outcome. You should then return the submissions to our offices for collection by the Moderators.

To ensure success as an Assessor, you should remain updated with course content as it evolves. An exceptional Assessor will provide feedback on memorandums to improve their accuracy.

Assessor Responsibilities:

  • Collecting students' submissions by stipulated dates.
  • Evaluating students' grasp of pertinent subject matter by comparing their answers to the memorandum.
  • Using discretion when evaluating ambiguous responses.
  • Calculating total marks for each section and then summing these to arrive at a final score.
  • Rechecking your marking to detect and amend oversights.
  • Noting students' submissions and capturing all final grades.
  • Returning marked scripts to agreed-upon venues for subsequent collection by our Moderators.
  • Reporting errors and omissions that you detect in the memorandums.

Assessor Requirements:

  • High school diploma.
  • Completion of an accredited Assessors training program.
  • Demonstrable experience assessing similar subject matter.
  • Fair, meticulous, and swift approach to assessment.
  • Exceptional record-keeping, multitasking, and dispute resolution abilities.
  • Adherence to predetermined assessment-related deadlines.
  • Unwavering observation of guidelines surrounding confidentiality.
  • Capacity to transport and assess scripts in a safe manner.

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