Assessor Interview Questions

Assessor Interview Questions

September 26th, 2019

Assessors review students' work to ascertain whether they have met stipulated exit requirements. Assessors typically mark written submissions, though they may be responsible for evaluating other modes of delivery.

When interviewing Assessors, excellent candidates should be well-versed in standard assessment procedures. Avoid individuals who display poor discernment and time management abilities.

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Interview Questions for Assessors:

1. How would you ensure that your marking is always precise?

Tests thoroughness and self-evaluation techniques.

2. How would you evaluate a response that was not indicated on the memorandum?

Examines familiarity with the material plus discernment and collaboration.

3. At what point would you address concerns about the memorandum?

Provides insight into pertinent decision-making processes.

4. What would you do to ensure that you completed all marking on time?

Inspects work experience, foresight, and time management abilities.

5. Where do you usually store unmarked scripts?

Unveils available resources and knowledge about appropriate safety measures.

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