Aromatherapist Interview Questions

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October 3rd, 2019

An Aromatherapist is an alternative health practitioner who treats patients using essential oils. Aromatherapists use various equipment to apply natural oils and sometimes administer oils that need to be inhaled or consumed. They perform detoxification, massages, and relaxation techniques.

When interviewing Aromatherapists, the most suitable candidate should have knowledge of the healing properties of oils, the history and safety of oils, and blending techniques. Avoid candidates that lack compassion, organizational skills, and knowledge of therapeutic applications.

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Interview Questions for Aromatherapists:

1. Can you tell us more about your background as an Aromatherapist?

Reveals experience as an Aromatherapist.

2. How does Aromatherapy affect health care?

Reveals industry knowledge and experience.

3. Can you expand on your training and education as an Aromatherapist?

Reveals training and education qualifications.

4. How do you ensure you are updated with the latest industry knowledge?

Reveals how the candidate stays up-to-date with industry knowledge.

5. What qualities do you think are essential for an Aromatherapist to have?

Demonstrates knowledge of the role.

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