Architectural Draftsman Interview Questions

Architectural Draftsman Interview Questions

September 11th, 2020

Architectural draftsmen provide architects and construction managers with technical drawings of architectural designs. They enter CAD data into building information modeling (BIM) systems, print schematics and create 3-D models, and perform site visits to obtain measurements and dimensions.

When interviewing architectural draftsmen, look for candidates who demonstrate solid knowledge of computer-aided design (CAD) software and the ability to interpret building specifications and codes. Avoid candidates who lack attention to detail and those with poor communication skills.

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Interview Questions for Architectural Draftsmen:

1. Can you explain your steps in creating a technical drawing?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge, communication skills, and ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practice.

2. What are the main reasons for architectural draftsmen having to visit sites?

Highlights the candidate's experience and practical knowledge in collecting pertinent measurements and calculating dimensions.

3. Can you describe how you create 3-D models?

Assesses the candidate's knowledge and proficiency in entering CAD data into building information modeling (BIM) systems to create 3-D models of architectural designs.

4. What are the implications if architectural draftsmen make calculation errors?

Illustrates the candidate's knowledge and their ability to foresee the serious consequences of miscalculations and inaccuracies.

5. Can you tell me about the most complex technical drawing you created?

Evaluates the candidate's innate technical drawing knowledge and experience, as well as their ability to successfully complete challenging projects.

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