Agency Manager Interview Questions

webspere administrator Interview Questions

August 26th, 2019

Agency Managers oversee all aspects of an agency. They manage all teams, liaise with clients, and help the staff reach monthly goals. Agency Managers should be able to identify weaknesses and make recommendations. Depending on the type of agency, specialized knowledge may be required.

When interviewing Agency Managers, top candidates will demonstrate great organizational and motivational skills. They should have a can-do attitude and be passionate about improvement. Be wary of candidates who lack energy and struggle to focus.

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Interview Questions for Agency Managers:

1. Can you describe a time when your recommendations improved the business?

Tests ability to pinpoint weaknesses and develop effective action plans.

2. What is the most important skill you have learnt at an agency?

Reveals skill level and experience.

3. How do you go about prioritizing tasks and managing your time?

Tests time management skills and the ability to delegate work.

4. Can you share an example of when you addressed a performance issue?

Tests interpersonal skills and ability to make decisions under pressure.

5. What are your most successful strategies for improving customer satisfaction?

Tests problem-solving, interpersonal, and customer service skills.

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