Hotel Manager Interview Questions

Hotel Manager Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

The role of a Hotel Manager is to supervise the daily operations of a hotel to ensure productivity and hotel efficiency. Hotel Managers in large organizations may be predominantly office-based. Their duties include resolving maintenance issues, assigning employee duties, and collecting payments.

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Hotel Manager Interview Questions:

1. How would you encourage trust and loyalty in your guests?

Tests the candidate’s customer service experience.

2. Can you describe your method for prioritizing hotel maintenance tasks?

Demonstrates the candidate’s ability to prioritize tasks.

3. How would you resolve an issue with an extremely irate guest?

Highlights the candidate’s interpersonal skills.

4. How would you evaluate employee performance?

Reveals the candidate’s experience as a hotel manager.

5. What would you do if there was a double booking for the same room?

Tests the candidate's problem-solving skills.

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