Advertising Account Executive Interview Questions

Advertising Account Executive Interview Questions

November 5th, 2020

Advertising account executives work with clients and the creative team to design marketing campaigns that are in line with the client’s brand guidelines. They aim to deliver projects on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

When interviewing advertising account executives, look for candidates who show strong business judgment and communication skills. Avoid candidates with poor presentation skills and those with limited knowledge of financial procedures.

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Interview Questions for Advertising Account Executive:

1. How would you respond if a client disagrees with your campaign proposals?

Reveals more about the personality of the candidates and their interpersonal skills.

2. How would you motivate your team to complete a project on a tight schedule?

Tests the candidate's management skills and interaction with team members.

3. What is your greatest accomplishment as an advertising account executive?

Assesses the candidate's networking and creative intervention skills.

4. Which brand inspires you and why do you think their advertising campaigns work?

Tests knowledge of market-related events and trends.

5. What measures should be put in place to ensure that the client and the creative team stays within budget while still achieving optimal exposure?

Tests innovation and budget management.

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