Workforce Development Instructor Interview Questions

Workforce Development Instructor Interview Questions

October 10th, 2019

Workforce Development Instructors lead classes geared at upskilling adults across various settings, including community colleges. Such programs are intended to bolster work preparedness.

When interviewing Workforce Development Instructors, skilled candidates will be adept at adult-centered teaching. Avoid disengaged applicants who lack remedial teaching experience.

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Interview Questions for Workforce Development Instructors:

1. In what ways do adult-centered and child-centered teaching differ?

Uncovers familiarity with age-appropriate teaching frameworks.

2. Which assessment techniques help to unveil students' grasp of prescribed content?

Highlights assessment-related technical knowledge.

3. How would you discern academically at-risk individuals?

Reviews analytical and early detection abilities.

4. How would you craft remedial lessons?

Evaluates curriculum design expertise, including the capacity to spotlight and target students' academic challenges through effective lesson planning.

Tests for experience issuing well-rounded but unobtrusive academic advice.

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