Sushi Chef Interview Questions

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July 12th, 2019

Sushi Chefs work in restaurants, cafes, country clubs, hotels, and grocery stores where they are responsible for preparing sushi for customers. They prepare various sushi dishes in accordance with established guidelines set out by their employers.

When interviewing Sushi Chefs, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate enthusiasm, drive, and a passion for preparing Japanese cuisine. Be wary of candidates who lack time-management skills and have a poor understanding of proper food handling procedures.

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Interview Questions for Sushi Chefs:

1. What do you look for when assessing the quality of fish?

Demonstrates the candidate’s ability to determine whether ingredients are fresh or not.

2. What are the best knives to use in your line of work?

Demonstrates the candidate’s industry knowledge and experience.

3. What would you do in a situation where a customer is unhappy with a sushi dish you have prepared?

Demonstrates the candidate's customer service skills and ability to handle criticism.

4. How do you cope with complex orders on a busy day?

Demonstrates the candidate's ability to work under pressure.

5. What would you do if you ran out of an important ingredient that significantly improved the taste of a sushi dish?

Demonstrates the candidate's problem-solving skills.

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