Statistician Job Description

Statistician Job Description

May 11th, 2020

Statisticians analyze and interpret numerical data to enable informed planning and decision-making. They gather data, apply statistical and analytical techniques to data, and identify trends based on the results of their calculations and projections. They may work at public or private institutions, businesses, or as independent consultants.

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Statistician Job Description Template

We are seeking a highly capable Statistician to analyze quantitative data to improve our company's competitiveness. Your duties will include gathering numerical data, performing statistical analyses on data, and preparing industry outlooks and forecasts You may also be required to present your findings in quarterly reports.

To ensure success, Statisticians should exhibit extensive experience in performing statistical analyses and possess the ability to interpret results effectively. Accomplished Statisticians provide businesses with a competitive edge by accurately predicting industry trends.

Statistician Responsibilities:

  • Liaising with departments to obtain data, including production figures and costs, sales figures, as well as product supply and demand data.
  • Instructing departments on data submission requirements, including frequency and format.
  • Creating and maintaining databases using statistical software programs, such as SPSS, SAS, or Stata.
  • Ensuring data integrity by performing rigorous cleaning, error checking, and validation.
  • Analyzing data using statistical techniques, formulas, and calculations.
  • Performing statistical tests to determine the reliability and soundness of results.
  • Contributing to strategic planning by identifying industry trends and preparing forecasts.
  • Describing, interpreting, and summarizing conclusions.
  • Presenting statistical findings to management in reports that include executive summaries, charts, tables, and graphs.
  • Documenting processes and keeping informed of technological advancements in the field of statistical analysis.

Statistician Requirements:

  • Master's Degree in Statistics, Data Science, Mathematics, or equivalent Master's Degree program with a focus on statistical methods.
  • Post-Secondary qualification in Business Management, or equivalent experience in a related industry.
  • 5 years of experience working as a Statistician, or in a similar role.
  • Proficiency in statistical software programs, including SPSS and R, or equivalent.
  • Advanced knowledge of statistical methods, techniques, formulas, and tests.
  • Exceptional ability to interpret data and analyze trends, as well as preparing industry outlooks and forecasts.
  • Advanced business operation and industry knowledge.
  • Ability to liaise with other departments to coordinate data gathering.
  • Extensive experience in summarizing and presenting findings in reports.
  • Keen attention to detail and excellent recordkeeping skills.

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