Data Scientist Interview Questions

Data Scientist Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Data Scientists use data, mathematical techniques, statistics and computing to optimize business profits, and communicate with stakeholders throughout. Ideal candidates will be curious and creative. Avoid candidates with poor communication skills and vague descriptions of former projects.

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Data Scientist Interview Questions:

1. How did you play a role in overcoming data analytics problems in the previous company you worked for?

This should give you an idea of the candidate's capabilities. The candidate's ability to communicate complex concepts in an understandable manner is important as well. Pay attention to whether the candidate is expressing complex concepts in clear, simple terms.

2. Which devices did you use in the above processes?

This will help you identify programming languages and applications the candidate is experienced with. The candidate's answer will help you identify where more training is needed, which would save your business costs in the long run.

3. How would you approach our company's data challenges?

This will show you whether the candidate has an understanding of data challenges your specific type of company needs to overcome, and demonstrate the candidate's ability to introduce positive outcomes.

4. How would you define a successful data scientist?

This will show you the candidate's aspirations as a Data Scientist. The candidate will list attributes the candidate is aspiring to.

5. How would you explain multivariable calculus to a person outside your field?

This will show the candidate’s understanding of multivariable calculus, as well as the candidate’s ability to explain concepts in non-technical terms.

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