Speech Writer Job Description

Speech Writer Job Description

February 21st, 2020

Speech Writers create and edit speeches for different occasions and purposes. They can be employed in the corporate, political, or PR sectors, or do freelance work for other organizations. Speech Writers also conduct research and will on occasion spend time with the person who will be delivering the speech.

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Speech Writer Job Description Template

We are searching for a skillful Speech Writer to craft speeches and presentations for our company. The Speech Writer’s responsibilities include preparing speeches suited to the audience and platform, completing revisions according to client feedback, and meeting all deadlines. You should be able to analyze the voice and tone of the speaker and prepare a speech best suited to them.

To be successful as a Speech Writer, you should be detail-orientated and have excellent research skills. Outstanding candidates are aware of language subtleties and always craft their speeches with the audience in mind.

Speech Writer Responsibilities:

  • Understanding written briefs and meeting with clients to discuss the specifics of the speech, which may include structure, points of emphasis, appropriate humor, content, and overall style.
  • Conducting research to obtain interesting facts and statistics that can be used in the speech.
  • Submitting the speech outline and subsequent drafts for approval.
  • Rehearsing or practicing the speech out loud to get a sense of how well it works and whether it is suited to the speaker or not.
  • Ensuring that the speech is conversational and that the objectives will be clear to the audience.
  • Double-checking that the speech is in a suitable format to be read off cue cards or a teleprompter.
  • Ensuring the speaker is aware of how to incorporate visual aids or props into their speech.
  • Scheduling a rehearsal session with the speaker if required and providing them with tips and advice.
  • Implementing client feedback and completing any edits to the speech as soon as possible.

Speech Writer Requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, English, Literature, Communications, Creative Writing, or a similar discipline.
  • A Master’s degree is preferable.
  • Extensive experience in a similar role.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills.
  • A good understanding of public speaking.
  • The ability to remain resilient and complete multiple revisions if needed.
  • Superb written and verbal communication skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.

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