Sociologist Job Description

Sociologist Job Description

August 26th, 2019

Sociologists study the ways in which groups are formed and maintained through the action or inaction of contextual factors. This, combined with Sociologist's insights within and between-group interactions, can be used to inform further research and policy development.

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Sociologist Job Description Template

We are searching for a knowledgeable Sociologist to study, teach, and report on pertinent social phenomena. In this position, you should conceptualize research protocols, locate appropriate participants, and collate your findings. As a Sociologist, you should also aim to contribute to public knowledge about the discipline and its endeavors.

To be successful as a Sociologist, you should be genuinely interested in the world around you, and committed to searching for ways to improve it. A remarkable Sociologist will use their platform to serve the needs of marginalized groups.

Sociologist Responsibilities:

  • Remaining abreast of the latest research findings.
  • Formulating research projects that are novel and appropriate to our context.
  • Sourcing participants that fit your niche.
  • Analyzing data by using the appropriate techniques.
  • Using insights derived from your and other evidence-based research to inform policy suggestions.
  • Expanding the reach of our organization by publishing technical and non-technical outputs, and by hosting and attending conferences.
  • Teaching sociological theories to groups of people.
  • Centering the experiences of appropriate individuals in each of your undertakings.

Sociologist Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Sociology.
  • Advanced degree in Sociology or a similar field is preferred.
  • Prior experience as a Sociologist, preferably within a similar setting.
  • In-depth understanding of sociological concepts, principles, and theories across all major subspecialties.
  • Expert knowledge of intersectional theory.
  • Strong research and written skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Passionate about giving leverage to disenfranchised populations.

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