Shuttle Bus Driver Interview Questions

Shuttle Bus Driver Interview Questions

August 22nd, 2019

Shuttle Bus Drivers collect and drive groups of people to predetermined locations. Shuttle Bus Drivers typically operate independently, though they may also work with Assistants.

When interviewing Shuttle Bus Drivers, the ideal candidate should be lively and punctual, with sound knowledge of the factors that inform the selection of efficient routes. Be skeptical of candidates who have been found guilty of driving and related offences, and those who cannot function without assistance.

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Interview Questions for Shuttle Bus Drivers:

1. How would you greet the group upon collection?

Highlights professionalism and interpersonal skills.

2. What would you do if a passenger did not arrive for collection?

Demonstrates problem-solving and communication skills.

3. Under what conditions might you exceed the passenger limit?

Tests knowledge of safety procedures and discretion.

4. What would you do if the vehicle broke down in a barren area?

Assesses troubleshooting and basic car mechanic skills, as well as decisiveness.

5. How would you prevent trips from running late?

Reveals organizational and time management skills, plus the ability to avoid traffic.

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