Service Coordinator Interview Questions

Service Coordinator Interview Questions

June 19th, 2019

Service Coordinators work with clients with medical needs, low-income families, and recovering addicts to connect them with the services they need. Service Coordinators evaluate the clients' needs and connect them to the appropriate service providers and resources.

When interviewing Service Coordinators, look for candidates who demonstrate strong organizational skills and attention to detail. Take note of candidates who lack excellent communication and service skills, as well as the ability to deal with clients with empathy and compassion.

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Interview Questions for Service Coordinators:

1. What is the key to interacting with elderly clients or clients with medical disabilities?

Demonstrates candidates' interpersonal skills and their ability to demonstrate empathy.

2. What strategies do you use to connect clients with the best resources and services for their needs?

Demonstrates candidates' experience as well as their organizational and service skills.

3. Can you describe a challenging situation with a client that you have dealt with? What was the outcome?

Demonstrates candidates' customer service and problem-solving skills, as well as their experience and ability to handle pressure.

4. Can you describe an improvement to a service offering that you suggested? Was it successful?

Demonstrates candidates' analytical skills.

5. What methods do you use to keep client and services databases organized?

Demonstrates candidates' organizational skills as well as their attention to detail.

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