Senior DevOps Engineer Interview Questions

Senior Devops Engineer Interview Questions

April 2nd, 2020

Also known as Senior Developers, Senior DevOps Engineers optimize a company's software development solutions. They oversee junior developers and ensure rigorous testing and smooth deployment of software solutions. Their duties include coding and writing scripts to fix errors.

When interviewing Senior DevOps Engineers, top-notch candidates will demonstrate expertise in software engineering and have experience in mentoring junior programmers. Be wary of those who lack high-level knowledge of programming languages and their applications.

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Interview Questions for Senior DevOps Engineers:

1. Can you describe how your DevOps experience has benefited you in the past?

Highlights the candidate's experience and the extent of their expertise.

2. Which skills do Junior Developers need to develop to advance in their careers?

Demonstrates the candidate's experience and approach to career-development.

3. How would you respond to an unreasonable time-frame given to complete a project?

Evaluates communication and problem-solving skills, as well as negotiation skills.

4. Can you describe a DevOps project you achieved great success with?

Reveals the candidate's industry knowledge and DevOps expertise.

5. Which programming languages do you feel are the most versatile, and why?

Assesses the candidate's knowledge of suitable programming languages.

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