Senior Data Scientist Interview Questions

Senior Data Scientist Interview Questions

August 22nd, 2019

Senior Data Scientists perform complex procedures to derive insights from sets of information. Given their extensive experience, Senior Data Scientists are often tasked with mentoring junior members of the team.

When interviewing Senior Data Scientists, preferred candidates will exhibit a firm grasp of pertinent data analytic methods, plus exceptional leadership and supervision skills. Be dubious of candidates who lack attentiveness and have a history of performing their duties haphazardly.

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Interview Questions for Senior Data Scientists:

1. Which of your data analytic techniques are you proudest of?

Highlights expertise and a commitment to skills development.

2. At what point would a data set be unusable?

Reveals data cleaning and analytical skills, plus the ability to avoid using a data set, when needed.

3. Can you describe a time you developed capacity in a junior coworker?

Demonstrates mentoring and training skills, plus a commitment to fostering growth in others.

4. What would you do to support a staff member who had suffered a loss?

Tests interpersonal skills and a commitment to creating a sense of community.

5. How do Senior Data Scientists contribute to the overall growth of companies?

Shows an understanding of one's role in the broader scheme of things.

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