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From $630.00 /post.

Free offer

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Up to 90 days.

Employer branding

Resume database access

Customer support

Phone and email.


While Science Careers adopts a more industry-focused hiring approach, it comes at a higher cost in comparison to its top competitors. Moreover, the job board lacks several advanced hiring tools, including social media promotion, job ad distribution, and an applicant tracking system.

Despite these limitations, the job board's longer-than-average posting times and searchable resume database make it an appealing alternative for employers looking to access a niche candidate pool.


  • Science Careers provides multiple post durations to extend the visibility of vacancies on its job board.
  • The platform's more premium packages include resume database access.
  • Employers can include a company logo to improve their job ads' credibility.
  • With certain plans, job ads are highlighted on the job board and placed at the top of search results for better visibility.
  • Employers can opt to have their job advertisements printed in the "Science" magazine.
  • Reputable organizations that have used Science Careers' recruitment services include Penn State and Roche.


  • There are no free job posting plans available.
  • Science Careers lacks multiple advanced hiring tools, such as social media promotion and job ad distribution.
  • Compared to top competitors, including, Science Careers is the pricier alternative.


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"Qualified" Pricing:


30-Day Plan

60-Day Plan

90-Day Plan

















'Specialist' Pricing:


30-Day Plan

60-Day Plan

90-Day Plan

















Science Careers vs.

Science Careers and both offer comparable features, including resume database access and employer branding. However, the two competitors diverge in pricing, with the latter standing out as the more affordable alternative at $275.00 per post. In comparison, Science Careers' prices start at $630.00 per post.

Science Careers vs. BioSpace Job Board:

While Science Careers focuses on promoting job opportunities in various scientific fields, the BioSpace job board mainly advertises job openings in the life sciences field, making it ideal for a more specialized hiring approach. The BioSpace job board's prices start at $415.00 per post, whereas Science Careers' plans start at $630.00 per post.

Science Careers vs. AWIS Career Center:

The AWIS Career Center specifically targets those interested in hiring women in science, while Science Careers advertises vacancies for a diverse group of job seekers. Of the two competitors, the AWIS Career Center is the more budget-friendly option, costing $109.00 per post. In contrast, a single job post on Science Careers costs $630.00.

Key Information

Legal Name

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Founding Date

Sep 20, 1848


1200 New York Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20005



1 (202) 326-6400



How much does it cost to post a job ad on Science Careers?

Science Careers' "qualified" prices start at $630.00 per post, while its specialist prices start at $3,507.00 per post.

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