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AWIS Career Center


From $109.00 /post.

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Up to 90 days.

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Resume database access

Applicant management tools

Customer support

Phone and email.


AWIS Career Center is a dedicated job board that caters to employers looking to recruit women in STEM. Boasting everything from employer branding options to resume database access, this feature-rich platform offers a tailored hiring approach to help attract a more gender-inclusive workforce.

While the platform does not offer free job posting packages or extensive candidate matching tools, the job board distinguishes itself with notable strengths in accessibility and extended posting times.


  • Employers advertising internships benefit from a more affordable rate.
  • AWIS Career Center offers a dedicated employers portal where users can manage applications and create company profiles.
  • The platform provides access to a comprehensive resume database.
  • With the more premium plans, job openings are emailed to STEM professionals and prominently featured on the job board.
  • Job advertisements can be listed on the job board for up to 90 days, extending the application window.
  • AWIS Career Center offers industry-specific focus for employers looking to build a diverse workforce.
  • Bulk job posting plans are available for employers with extensive hiring requirements.
  • Job openings are distributed to over 1,000 diverse websites and social media platforms.
  • Employers can create and save job ad templates to streamline recruitment.


  • There are no free job posting plans available.
  • Accessing the resume database and purchasing individual resumes both incur a fee.


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30 Day Internship Posting


30 Day Job Posting


60 Day Job Posting


90 Day Job Posting


Job Posted + Emailed to STEM Professionals


Job Flash Package Plus Upgrades


Basic Posting + Diversity Upgrade


Premium Job Flash Package Plus Network of 1,000+ Sites


60 Day Premium Job Flash


Single Resume Purchase


30 Day Resume Access - Credits/Subscriptions


*There are various plans available on AWIS Career Center's pricing page for bulk job postings and banner ads.

AWIS Career Center vs. Science Careers:

Science Careers is a global job board that promotes vacancies in scientific fields. In contrast, AWIS Career Center specializes in U.S.-based vacancies with an emphasis on promoting science-related job ads for women, providing a more targeted hiring approach. While Science Careers costs $630.00 per post, AWIS Career Center charges $309.00 per post.

AWIS Career Center vs. ScienceJobs.org:

Of the two competitors, ScienceJobs.org emerges as the affordable choice, with its plans starting at $275.00 per post. Comparatively, AWIS Career Center charges $309.00 per post for a standard listing. Despite its higher cost, AWIS Career Center provides a more targeted hiring approach, thanks to its focus on diversity and hiring women in science.

AWIS Career Center vs. New Scientist Jobs:

Both AWIS Career Center and New Scientist Jobs offer extended job posting times of up to 90 days, but the two competitors differ significantly in pricing. While AWIS Career Center's prices range between $109.00 and $879.00 per post, New Scientist Jobs' prices range between $475.00 and $1,075.00 per post, making the latter the costlier alternative.

Key Information

Legal Name

Association for Women in Science (AWIS)


Judith Pool, Neena Schwartz, and Virginia Guidone Upton

Founding Date

Jan 01, 1971


1629 K St., Ste. 300, Washington, DC 20006

Number of Employees





1 (202) 827-9798




How much does it cost to post a job ad on AWIS Career Center?

AWIS Career Center's pricing starts at $109.00 for an internship post and $309.00 for a standard 30-day job posting.

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