Sales Specialist Interview Questions

Sales Specialist Interview Questions

October 15th, 2019

Sales Specialists drive sales and business growth. They have a sound grasp of all company products and services, and the skills required to sell them. Sales Specialists might also draw up budgets, carry out research and analyze trends, guide the sales team, and prepare sales forecasts.

When interviewing Sales Specialists, the most suitable candidates will be experienced in retail and demonstrate superb analytical, as well as communication skills. Be wary of candidates who seem standoffish, and have poor customer service or interpersonal skills.

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Interview Questions for Sales Specialists:

1. How you would go about drawing up a sales forecast?

Tests knowledge of sales, research abilities, as well as time management and analytical skills.

2. Can you describe a time when your strategy or suggestion increased sales?

Demonstrates problem-solving abilities and customer service skills.

3. How do you inspire trust in your clients?

Demonstrates interpersonal and customer service skills, and reveals candidate's values.

4. What are your most successful strategies for ensuring sales targets are met?

Reveals problem-solving, management, and motivational skills.

5. How do you restore morale in your team when sales are low?

Tests management, planning, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills.

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