RPCV Career Link is one of the leading volunteer job posting sites, thanks to its affordability and direct access to pre-screened job seekers. However, the job board falls short in comparison to its competitors, as it lacks multiple advanced hiring tools, including applicant management, candidate matching, and access to a resume database.


  • The job posting process is quick and seamless.
  • It's 100% free to post a job advertisement on RPCV Career Link.
  • The platform offers access to career events and webinars, graduate funding, and support services.
  • Job advertisements can be filtered by location, profession, and position type to streamline the job search process.
  • Employers can promote various types of vacancies, including remote or hybrid job openings.
  • Compared to its top competitors, including the Go Overseas job board, RPCV Career Link is the costlier choice.


  • The platform does not offer featured listings or bulk job postings.
  • RPCV Career Link lacks several advanced hiring tools, including social media sharing and applicant tracking.
  • The job board is missing a searchable resume database.
  • Only current or former Peace Corps volunteers and staff members are allowed to apply for jobs.


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It's free to post a job advertisement on RPCV Career Link.

Unlike RPCV Career Link, the Go Overseas job board is available to the public. However, while RPCV Career Link is completely free for employers, the Go Overseas job board's prices start at $60.00 per post. For the added cost, employers enjoy access to more robust features, including applicant management tools and analytics.

Green Dream Jobs provides targeted reach by advertising jobs in conservation and nonprofit organizations. In contrast, RPCV Career Link promotes all types of job openings, but its reach is limited to current and former Peace Corps workers. That said, the latter is 100% free for employers, while Green Dream Jobs' plans start at $85.00 per post.

RPCV Career Link is a free job board that reaches current and previous Peace Corps workers. With CharityVillage, plans start at $298.00 per post, and the platform's reach extends to the general public. Additionally, while RPCV Career Link's features are limited, CharityVillage offers a variety of job posting packages and extended job posting times.

Key Information

Legal Name

Peace Corps


John F. Kennedy

Founding Date

Mar 01, 1961


1275 First St. NE, Washington, DC 20526


1 (855) 855-1961



How much does it cost to post a job ad on RPCV Career Link?

It's free to post a job advertisement on RPCV Career Link.

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