Rigger Interview Questions

Rigger Interview Questions

October 14th, 2019

Riggers are responsible for setting up and maintaining rigging for the movement of heavy loads. They inspect and prepare loads, level and align moving equipment, test the rigging before use, and break down the rigging after the job is complete.

When interviewing Riggers, suitable candidates will have advanced knowledge of rigging equipment and procedures, excellent spacial awareness, and good communication skills. Be wary of candidates with poor eyesight or hearing and those who are not able to lift heavy objects.

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Interview Questions for Riggers:

1. What skills do you think Riggers need to be successful?

Reveals the candidate’s temperament and construction skills.

2. How would you ensure you have the correct rigging equipment to move a load?

Demonstrates the candidate’s analytical skills and knowledge of rigging procedures.

3. What safety checks should be done before rigging can be used?

Demonstrates knowledge of industry safety procedures.

4. What would you do if the rigging failed once moving had begun?

Demonstrates the candidate's knowledge of safety procedures.

5. What was the most difficult rigging job you completed in your previous work?

Reveals previous work history and highlights industry experience.

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