Restaurant General Manager Interview Questions

Restaurant General Manager Interview Questions

May 21st, 2019

Restaurant General Managers hire and train restaurant staff, and ensure that the kitchen is stocked as needed. The Restaurant General Manager is also responsible for communicating with customers to improve their dining experience.

When interviewing Restaurant General Managers, the ideal candidate should have excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of business management. Be wary of candidates who have poor organizational skills and cannot lead staff members.

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Interview Questions for Restaurant General Managers:

1. Describe a situation when you dealt with a difficult employee.

Shows the candidate's managerial experience and the ability to discipline employees.

2. There is a shortage in supplies and you’re expecting a large group of diners. How would you handle this situation?

Tests the candidate’s problem-solving skills.

3. Which important kitchen safety rules are implemented to protect the kitchen staff?

Highlights the candidate’s knowledge of health and safety regulations.

4. What steps would you take if you found that your team wasn’t meeting the company’s strategic goals?

Highlights the candidate’s problem-solving skills.

5. How would you ensure your staff remains motivated during stressful shifts?

Tests the candidate’s leadership and management skills.

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