Research Psychologist Interview Questions

Research Psychologist Interview Questions

August 15th, 2019

Research Psychologists formulate and implement protocols designed to better understand the human condition. These specialists generally work at colleges, where they may perform teaching functions.

When interviewing Research Psychologists, the most suitable candidate will demonstrate expert proficiency in a wide array of pertinent research techniques, and a history of publishing in high-impact academic journals. Be wary of candidates who exhibit poor verbal and written communication skills, and diminished curiosity about the world.

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Interview Questions for Research Psychologists:

1. How would you develop and implement high-impact protocols if given limited funding?

Reveals knowledge of cost-effective, impactful research methods.

2. Which measures would you implement to ensure anonymity of participants?

Highlights knowledge of appropriate data storage, coding, and reporting techniques.

3. How might you calm a distressed participant?

Tests interpersonal skills and an understanding of voluntary participation.

4. How would you manage research, teaching, and supervision responsibilities?

Assesses organizational, multitasking, and time management skills.

5. Other than your primary areas of specialty, which phenomena would you like to investigate?

Demonstrates curiosity and the desire to expand one's expertise.

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