Research Assistant Interview Questions

Research Assistant Interview Questions

May 28th, 2019

Research Assistants help university professors with research projects by doing preparatory research, gathering test subjects and summarizing results. The Research Assistant is also responsible for attending project meetings and supervising undergraduate students involved in the project.

When interviewing Research Assistants, the ideal candidate should have excellent attention to detail. Be wary of candidates that cannot multitask.

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Interview Questions for Research Assistants:

1. A professor requires information for a paper he is writing. Where do you look?

Candidates should describe how they would use library and internet resources to find relevant information. Look for candidates who find creative ways of obtaining information.

2. You are assigned several complex tasks with different deadlines. How do you handle this?

Demonstrates time management skills.

3. Describe your computer experience. Which applications do you use and why?

Shows computer skills.

4. How have your administrative skills improved the quality of your work?

This tests the value of the candidate’s administrative ability.

5. What methods do you follow in order to manage your workflow capacity?

This illustrates the candidate’s organizational and administrative ability.

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