Reiki Healer Interview Questions

Reiki Healer Interview Questions

October 24th, 2019

A Reiki Healer uses energy to induce healing. Reiki Healers guide energies, treat patients, and provide healing.

When interviewing Reiki Healers, the most suitable candidate should be empathetic, possess good organizational skills, and have solid knowledge of Reiki Healing properties. Avoid candidates who demonstrate poor listening skills and lack customer relations skills.

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Interview Questions for Reiki Healers:

1. Do you practice other healing methodologies?

Demonstrates knowledge of other modalities that could be beneficial to the position.

2. Can you share your journey with Reiki?

Reveals insight into the way the candidate views Reiki and how it has impacted them personally.

3. Can you describe the process of treatment?

Reveals candidate's method of practicing Reiki.

4. Do you have formal training in Reiki?

Highlights educational history and refined skills.

5. What are the advantages of Reiki Healing?

Demonstrates belief in healing powers and ability.

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