Radio DJ Interview Questions

Radio DJ Interview Questions

October 10th, 2019

Radio DJs typically lead hours-long segments comprising songs, news stories, and advertisements. Radio DJs prepare for their shows by reviewing listeners' song requests and researching topical affairs.

When interviewing Radio DJs, preferred candidates will be highly engaging and articulate. Avoid rash and impatient applicants.

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Interview Questions for Radio DJs:

1. Could you outline your hosting style?

Inspects compatibility with the network's image.

2. How would you avoid replaying music during a show?

Evaluates record-keeping and memorization skills.

3. What would you do if an interview was running for too long?

Uncovers interpersonal and time management capacities.

4. How would you respond if an interviewee accidentally cussed during a live broadcast?

Reviews improvisation and distraction techniques.

5. What would you do to transition from sad to light-hearted segments?

Reveals conversational and reporting abilities.

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