Presenter Interview Questions

Presenter Interview Questions

October 1st, 2019

Presenters deliver newsworthy, comedic, entertainment-related, and similar content. Such data is nearly always verbalized, though exceptions exist.

When interviewing Presenters, strong candidates will be deeply familiar with contemporary newsworthy phenomena. Be wary of candidates with contestable journalistic integrity.

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Interview Questions for Presenters:

1. What constitutes a thorough journalistic investigation?

Explicates knowledge about journalistic rigor.

2. Which reputable news channels would you frequently consult?

Unveils engagement with pertinent resources.

3. Where would you potentially interview at-risk sources?

Examines knowledge about contexts that should safeguard oneself and vulnerable sources.

4. How would you navigate a reporter's unfaltering confirmation bias?

Discerns the capacity to persuade experts by highlighting evidence-based arguments.

5. Who would you invite to join a dynamic, politically-charged roundtable conversation?

Highlights thoughtfulness about suitable constituents based on perceptions about well-rounded discussions.

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