Quantitative Researcher Interview Questions

Quantitative Researcher Interview Questions

September 17th, 2019

Quantitative Researchers study various subject matter that can be partially or wholly understood in terms of numbers. Where feasible, some also engage with content using qualitative techniques.

When interviewing Quantitative Researchers, strong candidates should display a sound knowledge of the assumptions of their chosen procedures. Be wary of those who are unfamiliar with common data analysis tools.

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Interview Questions for Quantitative Researchers:

1. Can you describe the process of designing an experiment?

Tests consideration of existing knowledge, meaningful research questions, extraneous variables, and logistical factors.

2. Which factors often distort the familywise error rate?

Examines an understanding of the features that might undermine conclusions.

3. When would you select principal component analysis in lieu of factor analysis?

Demonstrates knowledge of the distinctions between and applications of these techniques.

4. Which boxes must be checked before we can assume causal relationships?

Reveals an understanding of the requisite order of and the interplay between relevant variables.

5. When should we deceive participants about the objectives of our studies?

Assesses discernment plus an awareness of debriefing procedures.

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