Qualitative Researcher Job Description

Qualitative Researcher Job Description

October 14th, 2019

Qualitative Researchers discern individual experiences and pervasive trends using modes of inquiry that cannot always be analyzed using statistical techniques. Participants in these studies are often closely involved in shaping the conceptualizations of insights gathered.

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Qualitative Researcher Job Description Template

We are looking for a reflexive and collaborative Qualitative Researcher to spearhead relevant research activities. The Qualitative Researcher will be required to propose meaningful project ideas, source adequate human and financial capital, and secure entry into spaces by forging respectful relationships. Upon being granted requisite permissions, you should proceed to learn about appropriate phenomena.

To be successful as a Qualitative Researcher, you should be cognizant of evolving power dynamics throughout the investigation. Invariably, an exceptional Qualitative Researcher will seek to leave research sites intact or improved, depending on participants' wishes.

Qualitative Researcher Responsibilities:

  • Securing ethical approval and consent from every relevant party before research starts.
  • Studying applicable groups to better understand their ways of being.
  • Positioning yourself as a respectful and engaged co-constructor of knowledge.
  • Consulting with targeted groups to negotiate everyone's roles in the investigative process.
  • Acknowledging novel experiences and combing sites for patterns.
  • Sharing and debating insights with participants.
  • Reflecting on hegemonies and personal worldviews to explicate their possible influence on your conclusions.
  • Producing written accounts that contain detailed findings by yourself and participants, if appropriate.
  • Sharing results with the company, funders, and in appropriate academic circles.

Qualitative Researcher Requirements:

  • Master's degree in a suitable social scientific discipline.
  • Completion of a fitting doctorate is preferred.
  • Proven experience as a Qualitative Researcher.
  • Expert knowledge about fitting qualitative stances and methodologies.
  • Capacity to gain, sustain, and respect your admission to safe spaces.
  • Superb communication skills.
  • Perceptive to power relations.
  • Committed to engaging in honest reflexivity.
  • Alignment with our research imperatives.

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