Qualitative Researcher Interview Questions

Qualitative Researcher Interview Questions

October 14th, 2019

Qualitative Researchers try to understand phenomena that cannot be fully expressed by numbers. Though often referred to as a soft scientific approach, Qualitative Research facilitates nuanced understandings about humans.

When interviewing Qualitative Researchers, the ideal candidates should be committed to understanding pertinent power dynamics before entering sites of interest. Avoid candidates who lack reflexivity and empathy.

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Interview Questions for Qualitative Researchers:

1. How would you decide on suitable projects?

Reveals an appreciation of knowledge gaps, societal needs, and one's interests.

2. What are the key distinctions between participants and collaborators?

Demonstrates an awareness of what involvement and power in the research process mean for the people under investigation.

3. What would you do if someone appeared reluctant to partake in your research?

Examines the ability to protect participants' volition.

4. How would you address dubiousness about the utility of qualitative research?

Reveals confidence about these pursuits and the ability to hold respectful discussions about research.

5. When would you confer with participants about your findings?

Assesses respect for participants' input throughout the endeavor.

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