QA Automation Engineer Interview Questions

QA Automation Engineer Interview Questions

February 27th, 2020

QA Automation Engineers design and implement automated testing procedures to validate the functionality of web and mobile applications.

When interviewing QA Automation Engineers, the ideal candidate will have strong programming and analytical skills. Be wary of candidates who lack attention to detail.

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Interview Questions for QA Automation Engineers:

1. What skills do you think QA Automation Engineers need to be successful?

Reveals an understanding of the role and highlights necessary skills.

2. What programming languages are you most familiar with?

Highlights areas of expertise and reveals gaps in knowledge.

3. What information do you need before you can design a software test procedure?

Demonstrates the candidate’s analytical skills.

4. How would you ensure your testing procedures assess application functionality?

Demonstrates the candidate’s software design and coding skills.

5. What mobile application testing procedures have you designed in the past?

Reveals previous work experience and highlights pertinent skills.

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