QA Tester Interview Questions

QA Tester Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

Quality Assurance (QA) Testers work with development teams to design and execute test plans to correct errors and bugs in software programs. QA Testers are also known as QA Engineers, Software Testers, and Software Test Engineers.

When interviewing QA Testers, look for candidates who demonstrate good team working skills, as well as up-to-date knowledge of software test programs and methodologies. Be wary of candidates who demonstrate a lack of knowledge of programming languages.

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Interview Questions for QA Testers:

1. What is your opinion on automated testing versus manual testing?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of testing methodologies as well as flexibility when working with different methodologies.

2. Can you explain the steps in a Bug Cycle?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of software programming and testing.

3. What test strategies have you found to be most effective?

Look for candidates who demonstrate knowledge of testing methodologies. Take note of candidates who demonstrate a lack of experience with designing test strategies.

4. At which stage of a project would you suggest starting QA testing and why?

Demonstrates candidates' knowledge of software programming.

5. How would you handle a situation where the development team leader introduces an error in the source code after QA testing has taken place?

Demonstrates interpersonal and communication skills.

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