Quality Assurance Manager Interview Questions

Quality Assurance Manager Interview Questions

Last updated September 18th, 2017

Quality Assurance Managers, also known as QA Managers or Quality Managers, help develop and maintain company quality standards. Good candidates will be analytical and have a strong desire to improve products and performance. Avoid those who lack creativity or communication skills.

Interview Questions for Quality Assurance Managers

1. How would you develop and enforce quality controls?

Reveals candidate’s thought process.

2. Describe how you would motivate an employee who was struggling.

Tests ability to coach others.

3. Tell about a time you used data and observations to improve something.

Confirms problem solving skills.

4. Have you have taken corrective action against an employee? Describe the experience.

Shows ability to manage responsibly.

5. Looking at current QA trends, what do you think clients want? How would you ensure that our plans meet those needs?

Demonstrates candidate's creativity and mindfulness of current trends.

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