Public Safety Officer Job Description

Public Safety Officer Job Description

May 27th, 2019

Public Safety Officers serve the public in an official capacity providing services such as policing, firefighting, rescue, etc. They typically also provide public safety and law enforcement services at universities and state facilities.

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Public Safety Officer Job Description Template

We are looking for a committed Public Safety Officer to ensure the safety and security of people and property. The Public Safety Officer's duties include patrolling assigned areas, observing and investigating suspicious behavior, enforcing laws, apprehending suspects, and preparing incident reports.

To be successful as a Public Safety Officer you should be able to work collaboratively with all members of the Public Safety Department. An outstanding Public Safety Officer should be highly attentive to irregularities and capable of sound judgment in difficult situations.

Public Safety Officer Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring the safety and security of people and property.
  • Patrolling designated areas and responding to calls.
  • Investigating and reporting suspicious incidents.
  • Securing and recording evidence.
  • Interviewing witnesses and victims.
  • Apprehending suspects and perpetrators.
  • Directing traffic and maintaining order at public gatherings.
  • Preparing accident and crime reports.
  • Assisting the public with criminal and civil issues or questions.
  • Providing support to police officers.

Public Safety Officer Requirements:

  • High school diploma/GED.
  • Certification as a law enforcement officer.
  • Good communication, mediation, and conflict resolution skills.
  • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Good observation and decision-making skills.
  • Working knowledge of laws and law enforcement practices.
  • Physical dexterity.
  • Ability to cooperate.

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