Firefighter Interview Questions

Warranty Clerk Interview Questions

May 16th, 2019

The purpose of a Firefighter is to respond to fires, accidents and other emergency incidents. These well-trained professionals may work as full-time or retained firefighters. Duties include maintaining equipment, preparing accurate reports, and performing fire drills.

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Firefighter Interview Questions:

1. How do you care for someone who has suffered from too much smoke inhalation?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of emergency care.

2. How do you ensure that you stay fit and healthy?

Highlights the candidate’s physical health.

3. Can you describe your hardest rescue job? How did you handle it?

Demonstrates the candidate’s previous experience.

4. How do you stay informed on the latest in firefighting techniques?

Reveals the candidate’s knowledge of the latest firefighting techniques.

5. What health and safety regulations should all restaurant owners have in place?

Tests the candidate’s knowledge of health and safety regulations.

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