Prosecutor Job Description

Prosecutor Job Description

December 21st, 2020

Prosecutors act as a legal representative of a victim of a crime. Prosecutors research and present the case in a criminal trial in an effort to punish the individual accused of committing the crime.

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Prosecutor Job Description

We are looking for a passionate Prosecutor to represent victims in criminal court cases. The responsibilities of Prosecutors include interviewing witnesses, reading through police reports, and performing legal research to plan the prosecution of each case.

To be successful as a Prosecutor, you should demonstrate good reasoning skills, an understanding of the community's needs, and excellent public speaking abilities. Ultimately, a top-notch Prosecutor should be comfortable in the court room, possess effective communication skills, and superior research skills.

Prosecutor Responsibilities:

  • Working with police officers and court staff.
  • Instructing and advising counsel in court.
  • Liaising with criminal justice and law enforcement agencies.
  • Ensuring that criminals are punished fairly.
  • Screening possible criminals.
  • Handling appeals.
  • Preparing criminal cases for pre-trial and trial.

Prosecutor Requirements:

  • Law degree from an accredited Law School.
  • Must be a member of the Bar Association.
  • Strong written and oral communication.
  • Good reasoning and logical skills.

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