Project Architect Job Description

Project Architect Job Description

September 1st, 2020

Project architects oversee the design and construction of commercial, industrial, and residential building projects. After meeting with clients and stakeholders, project architects create the initial project design, prepare budgets, and oversee the construction process.

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Project Architect Job Description Template

We are looking to hire an experienced project to oversee the design and execution of construction projects for our clients. With each project, you will be meeting with clients and stakeholders to discuss the initial construction design, preparing budgets, creating the final design, and overseeing the entire construction process from start to finish.

To ensure success as a project architect, you should have in-depth knowledge of architectural design, experience with project management, and excellent communication skills. Ultimately, a top-class project architect is able to translate the ideas of the client into a fully built design on time and within budget.

Project Architect Responsibilities:

  • Meeting with clients and stakeholders to discuss construction designs.
  • Drafting building plans for commercial, industrial, and residential construction projects.
  • Preparing budgets, material documents, and specification lists for client approval.
  • Acting as an intermediary between the client and the construction team.
  • Overseeing building contractors and construction crews.
  • Visiting the site regularly to ensure construction adheres to state regulations.
  • Ensuring the project remains on time and within specifications.
  • Creating progress reports, time schedules, and revised budgets.
  • Conducting a final inspection after the project is complete.

Project Architect Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in architecture, design, or similar.
  • State architecture certification.
  • Portfolio of completed projects.
  • Advanced knowlege of drafting software including AutoCAD and SketchUp.
  • Excellent communication and reporting skills.
  • Ability to translate concepts into functional construction designs.
  • Advanced project-management skills.
  • Ability to coordinate with multiple stakeholders on a daily basis.
  • Knowlege of construction costs and time frames.

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